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Sins of a Solar Empire

January 28th, 2008 · No Comments

So started on a Sins of a Solar Empire mod http://www.sinsofasolarempire.com/. In this case I hope to be leading it, but getting help. Luckily a lot of the art assets from HW2 convert relatively painlessly (especially the newer ones) and most of the work will be game play oriented (imagine that, a mod that has all of its content done before it is announced! AND before the game is out!)
I am accepting applications for help. A lot of it will be model conversion, rigging, 2D art and coding, apply in the Sins section of the forums

Here is an initial shot of some import tests, more are in the gallery.

So how will this change the warlords mod for HW2? I don’t think that much. HW2 still provides a much tighter combat platform and is scaling quite well with newer computers, so I am going to continue to promise updates! (the truth is I am pretty close to getting a gameplay and code update out, just need to work on some more things. the other big thing that is done is a completely redone sound scheme that should fix any level issues with the ingame sounds.) The important thing is that any graphical content that is in HW2 can be put in Sins and vice versa so as far as ships go it’s a very minor change. In fact HW2 requires a lot more work!

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