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Info on new version and driver recommendations

January 21st, 2008 · No Comments

I went through a minor upgrade to a cheap dual core rig, same video card, just a mobo/processor/memory upgrade

Unfortunately I stumbled across the same image corruption issues as other have had when I upgraded my drivers, see here for the solution and to post comments.

As for the new version. I am planning on making a bunch of small fixes, primarily the more obvious bugs, do some sound overhaul and scripting changes. I will be adding the new backgrounds into a new planet pack (those that are deemed ready to be used)

I may update a few ships (I have a few things really close to being finished), but since I had to reformat a lot of that work was put on hold while I transfered everything over. The Kotor vessels will be on hold for a bit as well since I opted to do a few vessels at final quality which significantly extends the work time.

The territories mod works fine, however integrating it with everything else is a challenge so I may just make that a zip file download.

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