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SOGE 1.0E release

December 13th, 2009 · No Comments


Sins of a Galactic Empire (SOGE) 1.0e release for Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment
A Star Wars total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire

Models, textures, ship stats: Evillejedi
Abilities and tons of debugging: Psychoak (It would have taken another year without this help)
Swrebellion.com Web support and general debugging: Evaders
Interface icons: Ozwolf
SW Music: Pedro
Many many beta testers, many who didn’t do a damn thing :-p thanks to those that gave us valuable feedback!
Probably some other people I am missing, thanks

Development website http://warlords.swrebellion.com
Development forum http://warlords.swrebellion.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=593&sid=d9baa3b5114c49929088ca5b1506e866
bug tracker http://warlords.swrebellion.com/mantis/view_all_bug_page.php
sins forum http://forums.sinsofasolarempire.com/331584


The zip file should be around 225mb

Extract the contents of the zip file to your sins mod directory
Example for windows XP C:\Documents\\Local Settings\Application Data\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods-Entrenchment v1.041\
Example for Vista/win 7 C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods-Entrenchment v1.041\
open the game and go into options and select the mod from the list of available mods and then activate it.


The mod should be working fine if the only races you can select are the star wars races. If this is not the case you have not properly installed the mod in your mods folder.

This release is a compiled version of 1.0e, there are newer builds on the SVN, however these may be unstable or perform poorly, so download at your own risk

If you are in the beta test you will not need to download this file, simply update your SVN repository to get the latest version

This release contains fully playable factions for the Rebel Alliance, Imperial Navy, Confederacy of Independent systems and Galactic Republic

There are currently no star bases in the mod and the Civilian research has not been modified, it will be modified in the future

Since it is a total conversion this mod does not contain the stock races (advent, vasari, tech), this
decision is driven by the hardcode limits imposed by ironclad and by eliminating them makes the mod
much more stable. If you want the star wars races with the standard sins races check out
Star Wars Requiem at http://sins.imperial.cc/

If you would like to participate in the development of the mod we can definitely use your help!
However we are looking for skilled individuals to do development of many detailed aspects of research/ability coding and 2d artwork
and do not need general help. Please post on the development forum if you feel that you can help us.

Please check the development website for updates on news, new content or official patches

If you would like to participate in beta testing the mod you can post in the beta testing forum to get access, we are looking for testers
that will provide detailed feedback of items they find in the game into our bug tracker.

Planetary defenses are great starting elements to protect your planets, especially when upgraded, build lots of turrets!

There are a few planet hardening upgrades in the defense research, these are crucial if you want your colonies to survive.

Capital ships need to be protected before they gain a few levels, once they have a few levels they will become very potent.

The ranges for weapons have been greatly extended. If you want more epic battles move your ships into closer range and many
abilities and other weapons will be used by the vessels.
Remember even Admiral Ackbar thought that it was suicide to move so close to the imperial star fleet!

The Imperials focus on Heavy firepower, Ion weaponry and command and control. It is best to lead groups of star destroyers
with a flag ship. The Empire does not have a low cost colonizer, but the gladiator and ISDs are very capable. The Executor
really has no equal.

The Alliance is focused on survivability, the mon calimari vessels may not have a lot of firepower, but they will be able to
last the engagement. Mix the mon cal vessels with their other vessels for a mixed fleet and protect the Diplomatic vessels,
they have excellent high level abilities

The CIS starts off weak, but has some extremely powerful abilities after a bit of research, build lots of trafed II’s at the
beginning and then progress to Lucrehulks with buzz droids.

The republic is based off of mass production of its vessels, use support vessels to supplement homogenous fleets and Lead the
fleets with a Jedi cruiser.

Some abilities may not work exactly as described, may have conditional issues or may be over/underpowered. This is being worked
on and some of it requires Ironclad to release a new patch

Research costs have not been finalized, they will change in the future

Some ships may be unbalanced this will be addressed as we get specific bug reports

some descriptions are too long and cause the text to spill out of the description box, this is especially true on lower resolution
screens like laptop screens. We are working to fix this

On some ships it may be possible to zoom in to the point that the models mesh disappears slightly this is being addressed.

some vessels such as the subjugator and some fighters may have no texture or may have incomplete textures, this is being addressed
in future versions

Ywings are currently being displayed as bwings, this will be fixed soon

Some abilities or effects may require work, this is especially true of abilities like Sprint

Some icons are being reworked and will require some adjustments

Fighters fly through ships and bounce around, this is something that needs to be fixed by ironclad, it is an engine issue.

The AI likes to spam some ships, right now there is no fix for this.

Entrenchment 1.041+ (until ironclad breaks it again)

model files and textures are compatible with older versions of Sins, however Ironclad made
many changes to the SINS code that require 1.041, if you want to backport the mod to a previous
version feel free, but it is a tremendous amount of work

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