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SOGE 0.75 Release

December 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Sins of a Galactic Empire 0.75 Release

works with 1.1 and 1.11



ship list and abilities list (tentative)

!!!!!!!!!!!download link at the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!

please report bugs to




Lots of thanks goes out to Pedro Laracuente for working on remastering the old Tie fighter and dark forces midis as well as a few tracks from the OT
(more tracks are forthcoming and they are continuing to be tweaked)

—————————-==Installation =—————————————

Extract rar file to your C:\Documents and settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods\ path
(Vista is slightly diffrent, I think it is C:\users\\Application Data\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods\)

in game select the mod from the mod options panel and click load at start up, if it doesn’t show up then check your path again (go to the ironclad forums for this http://forums.sinsofasolarempire.com/forum/443)

=====================KNOWN ISSUES==============================
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not report these as bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ships in red on the ship list are not in this version.

fighters and bombers were not implemented due to minidump issues

the ships that will have broken textures are the following(on the ship list these are pink or yellow) ships with light green need work


consular, invincible


malevolence, geonosian dreadnaught, adv trafed destroyer, trafed carrier


liberator, cc-9600

the acclmator II, cc-2200 and victory II will share the meshes with their other variants, but will have different stats

as part of the fix to the fighter issue all of the fighters have been replaced with the default fighters from the stock game, sorry no xwings and tie fighters this release, I am still trying to squash the bug.

ships tend to clump together I can’t figure out how to change thier formation spacing

alot of ships may have engine and weapon points that are not in the right spot, this will be fixed in future versions.

because of the above issue sometimes weapons may fire from empty space or engine trails may appear out of nowhere

very few ships have shield meshes, this will be fixed in the future

very few ships have proper glow textures, smoothing or normals this will be fixed as it can be addressed.

abilities are temporary almost all of them will get changed to new versions

research is completely worthless in most cases. (other than ship cap and support cap)

The AI needs some time to build up a fleet because of the lack of research to access ships, I suggest playing on the harder difficulties or waiting a bit to attack the AI

================================ download link =============================================

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